seed reflection

airdrome THINK= that i cant do a back flip,i can do a front flip. WONDER=i wonder if Ned is good at flips and trampolines, do i really suck at airdrome. FEEL=pumped up, ready to over front flip and to smack my face, excited     UNPACK= i could write a story a comic or a movie. this could be about a false story a true story i could write a comic about airdrome.

i think i could detail my writing more and maybe think of more reasons to come up with and bring in my seeds more often and get my work done a bit faster


class food fight

Splat!! Spaghetti all over Ethan’s face. “What was that for!” shouted Ethan. Wack! Conall slaps Noah across the face with some fish. “Yuck!” says Conall as he steps on a meat pie. There are kids everywhere throwing food, one kid has sausages in his nose. Then Noah sneaks up behind Conall and pours gravy all over him. “AAAAAAHHHHHH IT BURNSSSSSSSSS!!” screams Conall. Ethan wacks Tyler with fish then Tyler slaps him with some pizza, he gets cheese all over his face. There’s a kid with a burger then Conall goes up and stuffs it in his face, Noah sticks chips in a kids eye, then Tyler and Ethan pour rice down a kids pants. “Watch out!’’ “Thanks Tyler that was close. Here comes a giant gummy bear!!” They pushed it over and we dodged it. Then Noah runs in and says “release the caramel bucket of doom!!” He sneaks up behind someone and pours it all over them. “Watch out!” says Ethan, and Noah gets hit by some lolly pops that stick to him. Tyler and Ethan take cover and they don’t get hit. Conall starts throwing malteses at everyone. Ethan and Tyler start throwing malteses back but they run out of ammo. Then a giant helicopter drops caramel over everyone.

My hobies are sports like cricket,bike riding and running.My fravriote sport is long distance running because its challanging and you have got a rival to compete agianst so you have to chase them down and stay strong and it is fun.

Persuasive Text

Mrs Todd made us to choose some goals last week and now we have to follow them! Ethan and I decided to do a blog post! Our goal/s is to gather more evidence and our extra goal is to have more arguments so we got evidence and we came up with this argument! Cigarette butts should get a larger fine and the retail should be tweaked.

Every year all of St Therese goes out to the beaches in Torquay to clean up rubbish for Clean Up Australia Day and all of St Therese were completely disgusted with the amount of cigarettes so here we are.. Yelling at the cigarette companies because they add so much in their packets.

3/4 Covered a large area for Clean Up Australia Day and over 80% of rubbish was cigarettes and parts of them. Infact the 3/4s counted over 4,000 cigarettes! This clearly states that there are way to much cigarettes and they should at the very least half the amount in a packet. Not to mention also that the 5/6s counted over 200 cigarettes and the 1/2s found a large amount too as well. C,mon cigarettes stop populating!

On the beach there were many packs so that brings us to our next argument, price. You always go to a local store and the prices are to low for safety! Cigarettes not only kill people but they kill animals. We are not trying to be mean we are just trying to save lives. Plus eyes, you see to many disturbing pictures making everyone dread Clean Up Australia Day.

The beach pretty much has a layer of cigarettes and that layer only gets cleared every Clean Up Australia Day. Yeah a policeman comes down every blue moon but no where near as much as they should. The police or even a homemade organisation should come down every day or week and watch the beaches that will make smokers uncomfortable and make them feel like they are doing the wrong thing, which they are. The inspectors or organisation could also raise the penalty for dumping cigarette butts.

As you can see cigarettes have had a big impact on our beeches and streets. So why should everyone be disgusted?

Organ Donation

all bloggers hhad to whatch a video on organ donation and we had to answer the following questions.

1.what do you think about organ donation:it is really kind because its a matter betteween life and death.

2.How do you think you would feel if ou were in the same position:i would feel inpatient and scared.

3.Do you think compulsory organ donation should be introduced? why? no they should send out serveys.

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